Musher's Cabin and Aurora Chasers™ Tour Comparison Chart

Private Charter Tour is similar to Aurora Chasers and can be customized to the guests needs.

Click each tour's name to learn more about the tour.

Tour Price/Evening Days of Operation Good Aurora Viewing Location Photography Workshop Aurora Portraits Included Aurora Education Flexability of Location
Ability to be mobile
Hot Beverages Adult Beverages Snacks Bathroom Facilities Warm Shelter Warm Clothing Avialable Huskies on Site! Potential Hiking Involved
Musher's Cabin $375/Person Saturdays Only Yes, location of webcam Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes, Complimentary Baileys and Wine available for adults Yes Yes, Outhouse Yes, Wood Stove in Comfy Cabin Yes, clothing on site Yes Minimal
Aurora Chasers™ $295/Person Monday-Friday Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, Mobile Yes No No No Van is Shelter No No Yes

Northern Lights Aurora tours in Fairbanks, Alaska

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