Northern Lights - Aurora Prints from Fairbanks, Alaska - The Aurora Chasers™

It should be noted that we do very little post production on these photos. Unless otherwise noted in the image description. Our process usually includes a slight saturation boost, Contrast adjustments, noise reduction and sharpening only.

Most of these images are also available in Limited Edition Metal Prints exclusively at The Venue or by custom order. 

Use the "Contact" link to inquire about licensing these images or to order a custom, signed and limited edition Metal Print.

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Aurora Borealis Lane

I was on my way home from the studio in early October of 2011, and I watched the amazing aurora dance in the skies above me all the way along the 7 mile journey. I was tired from a 16 hour editing session and wasn't feeling like shooting so I pulled into my driveway. But as I did the guilt of letting go of such a great show overwhelmed me and I turned around and made my way back to the scene of this photo. I'd had this shot in my head since I first saw the sign a few years prior and this was my chance to get it out of my head and onto the sensor. I'm glad I did. After the lights died down and I finished shooting, I eagerly rushed home to download the images to my laptop. When I came across this image in particular I fell in love with it. I submitted it to and got my first ever cover photo on the prestigious website. A lovely lady and fellow Aurora Photographer in Iceland found the image on the website and with many details in between, later became my wonderful wife, and partner in life and business.

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