Northern Lights - Aurora Prints from Fairbanks, Alaska - The Aurora Chasers™

It should be noted that we do very little post production on these photos. Unless otherwise noted in the image description. Our process usually includes a slight saturation boost, Contrast adjustments, noise reduction and sharpening only.

Most of these images are also available in Limited Edition Metal Prints exclusively at The Venue or by custom order. 

Use the "Contact" link to inquire about licensing these images or to order a custom, signed and limited edition Metal Print.

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Blood Moon Eclipse

This image is a composite from 12 images. (Aurora over Fairbanks and 11 images of moon.) Even though it was shot same night, photographing moon and Aurora over city required a different lens, exposure, ISO and F-stop. I rarely composite images, but in this image it was necessary to be able to share what I saw that night in a single image

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