Northern Lights - Aurora Prints from Fairbanks, Alaska - The Aurora Chasers™

It should be noted that we do very little post production on these photos. Unless otherwise noted in the image description. Our process usually includes a slight saturation boost, Contrast adjustments, noise reduction and sharpening only.

Most of these images are also available in Limited Edition Metal Prints exclusively at The Venue or by custom order. 

Use the "Contact" link to inquire about licensing these images or to order a custom, signed and limited edition Metal Print.

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Circular Stars - Composite

This image was inspired by Nate at our local camera store who asked specifically for a Star Trail image for the November, 2014 exhibit, "The Night Sky" at UAF's Wood Center. I don't usually do composites but for the creation of this image it was appropriate.

It was pretty easy using the software at and a set of stationary Aurora timelapse images.

To create this image, I used the free software "Startrails" which John Shaw taught me about to stack about 770 images with very little Aurora in them and then in Photoshop combined the resulting image and the first image in the sequence using the Multiply blending mode at a reduced opacity to make the foreground a little more realistic. I exported that into Lightroom to finesse the image a bit and this is the final result. I like it and will have to try others in the future since I'm already shooting the images for timelapse. This is much more processing than I generally like to do but the results are pretty cool!

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