Who we are - The Aurora Chasers™

The Aurora Chasers™

Ronn & Marketa Murray are a husband and wife team of accomplished and professional photographers with a combined 18 years of experience. Ronn moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in 2008 to manage the regional office for a national school portrait studio servicing the north half of the state, before launching his own Photography studio in January of 2009. He has become a well known Aurora, Nature and commercial photographer and filmmaker in Fairbanks and loves the magic of Alaska and the people in it. 

Marketa joined the team in 2012 after coming to Alaska from Iceland where she was an accomplished Aurora and travel photographer. The two fell in love over their passion for Aurora and photography and have incorporated that passion into everything they do. 

In 2016 they've concentrated their efforts on fine art, stock and nature photography primarily focused around the night sky. With a passion and love for Aurora Photography unrivaled, they offer unique opportunities to explore Alaska's Northern Lights on one of their Aurora Tours and have the expertise and experience to help you capture your own stunning Northern Lights images. 
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