Private Charter Workshop Tour - The Aurora Chasers™

Private Charter for up to 12 people


Planning a special trip with a private group and want a personalized itinerary? Maybe you're having a wedding under the Aurora and need the professionals to get you to the location and capture the magical moments for you? We've got you covered. 

Available any day during our season that we have no prior bookings in the schedule.

Single evening trip. Pickup times and return times will be customized to fit the groups requested itinerary. Additional options may be included at an additional cost such as trip with photo instruction to the Ice Park or an adventure a bit further north of the normal locations. 

Includes: Transportation, Hot Beverages, Aurora Portraits, Photography Workshop and the flexibility to customize locations and times.  

Tour must be paid in full to reserve your spot

Create your own private Aurora Chasing adventure. This is a custom option for those who want to enjoy the magic of the Northern Lights privately. You can choose a custom locations with unique views up to 100 miles outside of Fairbanks. You'll have exclusive access to Ronn and Marketa's instruction as they guide your private group and take you on the adventures that aren't possible with other tours. 

Cancellation Policy and FAQ

Capture your own beautiful Images

All Photography Workshop Tours include transportation to and from your Fairbanks accommodations, photography instruction and Aurora Portraits* and are single night trips. Learn to photograph the Northern Lights with true Professional Aurora Photographers. We'll demystify the secrets to predicting, finding and photographing the Aurora Borealis so that you go home with professional quality images of the Northern Lights*.

Bring your camera, a bit of patience and maybe an energy drink and we'll spend a night out under Alaska's magical night sky. We'll take you to one of our favorite locations to photograph "The Lights" and show you how to set up your gear to make stunning images of your own. We'll also make sure you go home with a few Aurora Portraits from your experience*.

What you'll need to bring...

• A full featured camera with the ability to shoot long exposures at high ISO. Must allow Manual settings. Most interchangeable lens cameras are capable of capturing the Northern Lights in good quality. Most point and shoots and cell phone cameras just aren't there yet. If you aren't sure you have the right gear or would prefer to rent specialty gear such as "wide, fast" lenses, we now also have a limited selection of rental equipment available.

• A good wide angle lens with a large maximum aperture. f/2.8 or larger is preferable.

• A solid tripod with a ballhead. Don't skimp here.This is critical! (We have a limited number of these for rent)

• Your camera's manual

• Extra Batteries

• A headlamp or flashlight that has a red LED light

• A Ziploc bag large enough for your camera and lens

•Warm clothing sufficient for 40º below zero

• Desiccant such as this which helps to absorb moisture and keep it out of your camera gear

• If using a Nikon D3xxx or D5xxx model it's a great idea to bring a two-stage shutter release cable. This is optional for all other cameras but if you plan to use a shutter release, be sure it is the two-stage shutter button type. 

*Aurora and weather conditions permitting. 

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