Northern Lights Photography Tours - Musher's Cabin Tour - The Aurora Chasers™

Northern Lights Photography Tours - Musher's Cabin Tour

Alaska Musher's Cabin Photo Workshop Tour


September, October, February & March

•This tour is available on Saturday Nights Only (Single Night, accommodations not included)

•9:00-10:00 PM  Pickup at your accommodations

•3:00 AM Return to Hotel (approximate) 
•••Please Note that times are adjusted by 1 hour (later) during Daylight Savings Time as the Aurora doesn't recognize DST.  
Includes: Transportation, Photography Workshop, Aurora Portraits, Hot & Chilled Beverages and Snacks

•Extra winter clothing is also available at the cabin for those needing Parkas, boots, hats and such.

***Tour DOES NOT include Dog Sled rides. If you would like the best mushing experience in Fairbanks contact our friends at Sirius Sled Dogs to book. 

Enjoy an exclusive experience at an authentic rustic Alaskan Musher's Cabin resting beneath grand views of the Northern Lights on our Musher's Cabin Tour. 

This remote cabin, home to Sirius Sled Dogs, is perfectly nestled in the hillside of Murphy Dome near Fairbanks, Alaska. Crowning the local Landscape at 2,890ft, Murphy Dome is one of Alaska's premier Northern Lights viewing locations. Off the beaten path, this cozy, rustic cabin offers an intimate authentic Alaska experience, complete with lovable sled dogs, that can't be found on other tours and in bigger lodges. This tour is ideal for families and folks who want to get away from everything except the Aurora while having a nice warm cabin to shelter in.

This experience comes complete with hot beverages, snacks and the comfort of a warm wood stove inside. A fantastic view of the Northern night sky is visible out the large windows. Step outside for a better look at the Aurora or the dog yard complete with friendly sled dogs. Be sure to check out our Aurora Webcam located at the cabin for views of the Northern Lights when you can't be there.

This Musher's Cabin is off the grid and utilizes outhouse facilities. Here you'll experience the true Alaskan Lifestyle and the pioneering spirit it takes to live here.

Cancellation Policy and FAQ

Want to experience Dog Mushing while here in Fairbanks?

Contact the awesome folks at Sirius Sled Dogs to book a Dog Sled or Mushing School Tour or to hang out at the cabin on a night you're not with us.

Mushing Under the Northern Lights

A night at the Cabin

Capture your own beautiful Images

All Photography Workshop Tours are led by Ronn & Marketa themselves and include transportation to and from your Fairbanks accommodations, photography instruction and Aurora Portraits™* and are single night trips. Learn to photograph the Northern Lights with true Professional Aurora Photographers. We'll demystify the secrets to predicting, finding and photographing the Aurora Borealis so that you go home with professional quality images of the Northern Lights*.

Bring your camera, a bit of patience and maybe an energy drink and we'll spend a night out under Alaska's magical night sky. We'll take you to one of our favorite locations to photograph "The Lights" and show you how to set up your gear to make stunning images of your own. We'll also make sure you go home with a few Aurora Portraits™ captured by us during your experience*.

What you'll need to bring...

• A full featured camera with the ability to shoot long exposures at high ISO. Must allow Manual settings. Most interchangeable lens cameras are capable of capturing the Northern Lights in good quality. Most point and shoots and cell phone cameras just aren't there yet. If you aren't sure you have the right gear or would prefer to rent specialty gear such as "wide, fast" lenses, we now also have a limited selection of rental equipment available. 

• A good wide angle lens with a large maximum aperture. f/2.8 or larger is preferable.

• A solid tripod with a ballhead. Don't go skimp here.This is critical! (We have a limited number of these for rent)

• Your camera's manual

• Extra Batteries

• A headlamp or flashlight with a red LED light

• A Ziploc bag large enough for your camera and lens
     The Hefty Slider 2.5 Gallon Jumbo Storage Bags work great!

•Warm clothing sufficient for 40º below zero 

• Desiccant such as this which helps to absorb moisture and keep it out of your camera gear

• If using a Nikon D3xxx or D5xxx model it's a great idea to bring a two-stage shutter release cable. This is optional for all other cameras but if you plan to use a shutter release, be sure it is the two-stage shutter button type. 

*Aurora and weather conditions permitting. 

Tour Cancellation Policy

Due to the natural elements involved and the small personal nature of our company, we have a no cancellation policy except in the case of extremely severe weather which prohibits safe travel. If such an event occurs and we are not able to take you on your tour, you will get a full refund or the choice of another tour if available. We do not cancel for cloudy skies or lack of Aurora. Both of these conditions may change and we’ve found it far easier to deliver an informative and educational experience which will prepare you for future aurora photography, on a cloudy night than to explain to you that you missed your once in a lifetime opportunity to see Aurora when the clouds cleared at 1am because we canceled at 9pm. Furthermore, while solid overcast does inhibit the ability to see the Northern Lights, anything less than solid clouds still allows the Aurora to be viewed. Therefore to give you the best opportunity possible we still go out and have a good time and do our best to find clear skies. There are no refunds or exchanges for lack of Aurora sightings as this is nature and beyond our control. We suggest traveler’s insurance for any other issues that may arise such as illness and other circumstances that prohibit travel on your part.

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