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Alaska Aurora Cam
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Alaska Camera are the folks who gear us up and they have everything you need to photograph the Northern Lights for purchase or for rental.
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The eMotimo TB3 allows us to create amazing camera move timelapse shots and helps keep this site going. Many of our Northern Lights timelapse videos were captured using the eMotimo TB3 Black which makes shooting professional timelapse easy. To see this amazing tool in action, in Ultra HD 4K click here. And check out this video to see a behind the scenes setup.
This camera overlooks Murphy Dome and is housed at the remote Sirius Sled Dogs Cabin in Fairbanks, Alaska. This cabin is off the grid and powered by the solar panels and in the dark months supplemented with a generator. The camera is connected online via cellular network. Check out the local weather throughout the day. At night, keep an eye out for beautiful views of the Fairbanks night sky including the magical Northern Lights. Scroll down for real-time Aurora data and short term forcasts. Should you happen to be viewing this site while there is no aurora on the webcam, you'll find a Daily Image Gallery at the bottom of the page which includes daily images from previous nights. If the image appears black, it's because we are clouded over and can't see the sky. If it appears to be daylight at night check the moon phase as a full moon looks like daylight to a night sensitive camera. You'll find more info and some fun behind the scenes images here. Don't forget to visit our pals at Aurora Borealis Notifications to get the latest Aurora News

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The Alaska Aurora Cam is a Canon 6D DSLR with a Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 and is mounted in a Harbortronics weatherproof housing.

As this has been a crowd funded effort, images from the webcam only are available for your use. Images may be shared and used but we do ask that you leave the watermark in tact and include a link back to Thank you to all who have supported this camera and kept it going! The image feed may not be used on any other website.

Find more about Weather in Fairbanks, AK

Northern Lights Real-Time Spaceweather Information

For a much more in depth look at real-time and long term Space weather conditions we highly recommend a visit to SOLARHAM. They are our go-to source for Aurora forcasting.
Space Weather Dials courtesy of Rice University's Department of Physics & Astronomy

Rice U IMF Angle Rice U SW Density Rice U Solar Wind Rice U SW Pressure Rice U IMF Magnitude Rice U SW Temp
Data and images courtesy of NOAA Spaceweather for informational purposes only.
The Sun at a glance
Real-time SDO and SOHO images from our star

Sunspots Sunspots SDO 211, 193, 171 Composite

3-Day Space Weather Outlook

Long term forecast information will be updated around 2:00 PM Alaska Time when possible

Joint USAF/NOAA Solar Geophysical Activity 3-Day Forecast
SDF Number 62 Issued at 2200z on 03 Mar 2015

Dates and times are UTC time which is +9 hours for Fairbanks, Alaska located in the AKST zone.

Solar Activity Forecast:

Day 1 (Mar 04) Solar activity is expected to be Low with a slight chance for an M-class flare.
Day 2 (Mar 05) Solar activity is likely to be Low with a slight chance for an M-class flare.
Day 3 (Mar 06) Solar activity is likely to be Low with a slight chance for an M-class flare.

Geophysical Activity Forecast:
Day 1 (Mar 04) The geomagnetic field is expected to be at Quiet to Unsettled levels.
Day 2 (Mar 05) The geomagnetic field is expected to be at Quiet to Unsettled levels.
Day 3 (Mar 06) The geomagnetic field is expected to be at Quiet to Unsettled levels.

Geophysical Activity Scale
Minor Storm
Major-Severe Storm


Solar Wind Predictionimage

Personal Note: (Updated: 02/28/15) Things are looking pretty amazing for the next couple nights.

Alaska Aurora Camera - Daily Images

Live Northern Lights at Sirius Sled Dogs (Recorded from a live broadcast Friday Night, Nov 21st )

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  • Ronn Murray

    on Feb 19

    The electricians are hard at work up at Sirius Sled Dogs this week and they'll be resolving the power issues that have been effecting the outages of the webcam. We'll have some downtime during the days while that's going on but once they system has been resolved we should see a much happier webcam and with a new solar array in place, most if not all the power running the system will come from the same star that provides our Northern Lights shows. :-)

  • Katie Tasky

    on Feb 18

    was that show last night too awesome it messed up the camera? It was a wonderful night. Hope tonight is just as awesome!

  • Julie Gomes

    on Feb 17

    it really going tonight beautiful

  • Alethea Espino

    on Feb 17

    Another gorgeous night. Wish I were in Fairbanks.

  • Rated:
  • Alethea Espino

    on Feb 16

    I see red...I think.

  • Serena Wiswar

    on Feb 15

    Ok, thanks Ronn. The camera gets such a beautiful view!

  • Ronn Murray

    on Feb 14

    Hi Serena,

    We don't archive unfortunately.

  • Hannah Cassidy

    on Feb 14

    February 112th? hahaha

  • Serena Wiswar

    on Feb 14

    Are the pictures taken by the web cam saved anywhere? I saw something interesting and accidentally refreshed the page.

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